Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Graphing Videos

Q- What skills did you need to do this project?
A- We needed to know how to work together, how to make a graph, and we had to plan what our graph was going to measure.

Q- How did the practice on the graphing stories website prepare you for these videos?
A- It prepared us by showing how to graph something and it showed us different ideas to graph about.

Q- What did you learn in the process of using graphing stories and creating your own graphing stories?
A- I learned how to work together and how to make your own video so someone could graph it. I also  used iMovie and had to add a title page, and had to make the video slower so the people who measured it could see it easier.

Building Project

Q-What skills did you need to do this project?
A- For this project I needed to know how to work with others and take others ideas into consideration.

Q-What were you trying to do that wouldn't work? What happened? How did that feel?
A- Our group pictured the experiment in our heads and none of it worked out. When we tried the whole thing at the end, everything feel apart and we were all very frustrated.

Q-Did you ever want to give up? If so, why didn't you?
A- Yes we all wanted to give up but we didn't because we really wanted it to work.


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  1. i liked how you guys did not give up and workedtogether and work through the project to the finish